ESSCA-USA From Cradle to Present

A History of the Equatorian South Sudanese Community Association in the United States of America

Jane Kani Edward, Henry Y Lejukole and Edward Eremugo Kenyi

Since the formation of ESSCA-USA more than a decade ago, limited effort was put to research and document the history of the organization. Except for a brief critical analysis of the association by Robert Odeki titled, “General Look on ESSCA-USA from 2003-2011,” published in the Equatoria2000 or E2K online forum in late 2011, no comprehensive documentation of goals, activities, founders, accomplishments, and shortcomings of the association has been made.

As a result, in late 2017 ESSCA-USA administration under the leadership of Dr. Jane Kani Edward, embarked on documenting the history of the association for future generation of Equatorians. The work of the taskforce marked the beginning of documentation of a coherent narrative of the history of ESSCA-USA from its humble beginning to date.

This publication covers the period from 1995 to 2020, the period during which ESSCA developed from its humble beginnings as a Midwest outfit to a national association encompassing the entire United States of America.

ESSCA History Book