20th Annual Conference 2021

Twin Cities Minnesota

Community Development

One of the primary objectives of ESSCA is to help Equatorians settle, build roots and become independent.

Women Empowerment

ESSCA strive to empower women through education and economic independence. By embarking on activities such as awareness raising programs, training and workshops

Leadership Development

Strongly believes that in order to build a strong community the community must be led by strong capable leaders.

Welcome To ESSCA-USA

Equatorian South Sudanese Community Association-USA (ESSCA-USA) is a nonprofit community - based organization representing Equatorians in the Unites State. Equatorians in this context are defined as people who hail from the former Equatoria region located in the southern most part of South Sudan. Currently, there are three states in Equatoria with a population of about 2.7 million comprising of 32 ethnic group.

let's Stand Together

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Humanitarian Fundraise

Money Raised by ESSCA-USA

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Total Amount
Goal $20,000.00
Money Raised by our community 75%

Future Projects

ESSCA-USA aspires to accomplish the following projects

Creation Database

Scholarship Program


ESSCA-USA Newsletter

Physical Office

Juba Library Project

Features Gallery

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jane K. Edward


Lucy Lako

Secretary of Women Affairs

Elonia Masungu

Secretary of Information

Falabia Edward

Secretary of Education & Social Affairs